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Pyramid Himalayan Salt Lamp 20cm Uk Plug

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Pyramid Himalayan Salt Lamp 20cm - UK Plug

Our Salt Lamps and Candleholders are made from the natural salt crystals formed when seas dried up millions of years ago. The salt crystals are mined in the foothills of the Himalayas and then hand-crafted into lamps and candle holders. The natural crystalline structure is coloured by the minerals held in the salt making each piece unique in design and colour.

Suggested Benefits

It has been suggested that the Salt Crystals naturally emit negative ions which have been said to create a feeling of well being and positive energy in a room by counteracting the positive ions and creating balance. It is said that negative ions give the air a clean invigorating freshness similar to the feeling of being by the sea or in the mountains. It has also been said that negative ions can aid headaches, allergies, asthma and other respiratory problems.

Each Salt Lamp and Candleholder comes with full safety and maintenance instructions that must be read in full before using.

Each Lamp is priced and sold individually and comes on a wooden base with a lamp holder complete with flex, inline switch and plug. It also comes with an SES screw in bulb, either a 15w, 25w or 40w. Please see each individual lamp for maximum bulb rating.

  • Product Name: Pyramid Himalayan Salt Lamp 20cm Uk Plug
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